We Help Our Clients

Find Support for Custom Infrastructure Needs

Resource Consolidation

Engage 4C under a single MSA. One Invoice, by code. One Labor & Expense Progress Report by Job. One year-end 1099. One Conduit. One Umbrella.

Resource Facilitation

Once our Client organizations have the objective targeted and projected budget, scope, and non-labor resources required to be successful in place, engage our Team to assist in filling the winning Roster.

Al-la-Cart Resource Selection

We are keenly aware that there exist trusted proven relationships between Client and Contractor/Consultant. The 4C Platform is designed to be the entire solution or merely a component of the solution.

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We Help Our Sub-Consultants

Maximize Compensation and Gain Access to Infrastructure

Maximize Compensation

4C’s margin on my engagements as their Sub-Consultant is a smaller percentage than the standard restaurant gratuity, making our Sub-Consultants the beneficiary of 4C’s low overhead through higher compensation.

Negotiate Terms & Conditions

Exercise more control over, geographic assignment location, engagement duration, and compensation preferences.

Improve Your Work & Lifestyle Balance

Operate as a formal business entity, on the 4C Team, along with other engaged third-party support entities to 4C Clients on a 1099 basis.

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Leveraging Your Impact on Infrastructure

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