4C Solutions for Sub-Consultants

A Message for Consulting Professionals to Infrastructure

It’s been a rough go for most everyone, everywhere, the past few months. Tragic for so many. Until we have more certainty, on several fronts, it looks like this situation may drag on for a while.

So, how do we make lemonade from lemons?   Maybe it’s doing those little domestic projects put off for years or reconnecting with spouses and kids over family conversation, meals and activity. Virtual meetings, online social hours, religious services, without getting behind the wheel, hasn’t been all bad. The moratorium on sports and the arts is a challenge.

We’re all reminded daily of life’s brevity, but, maybe, with that comes slightly more appreciation for a sunrise or sunset. We are more present. Governments and politicians aside, kindness and generosity among greater humanity is more evident today than before.

Companies must “do business” more creatively now just to survive. They may have to do more with less for long after this plague passes. So, my message here is intended for the self-driven, independent thinking professionals, who are really good at what they do; who either are, or desire to be, their own self-contained 1099 enterprise; and, at the same time, seek to balance it all with their own lifestyles. Skilled professionals are assets to those they serve. Professionals with skill and experience – furloughed, semi-retired or otherwise – can be valuable assets to the “greater Infrastructure push” which both sides of the political aisle now support.

Those who have made careers of project related work know the challenges of travel, sleep deprivation, fast food and temporary relocation. Projects happen where they are needed. One month you’re in California, the next in Ohio for a year, then in Nebraska for an uncertain duration. Home is in Texas, but you go where the work is. It’s a Project. Those who work, or have worked, in office settings, know the monotony of the clock, the daily grind and the roundtrip commute.

Imagine a conduit which provides greater independence, flexibility, profitability, and overall satisfaction, by leveraging the asset that is you. The time is now to see yourself as a company delivering quality results on your own terms and at a premium. You’ve been doing it for others for years…decades. You’ve been compensated at some fraction of the actual bill rate for your services, to cover non-billable staff, overhead, benefits, perks and profit – the added cost of your services sold through an employing organization. We’ve lived in that world too. So, we made it our mission to disrupt the old status quo.

4C Value Propositions:

  • 4C is Niche-Specific – 4C Provides Consulting Professional Support to strictly Infrastructure (Power – Communications – Pipeline – Facilities – Utilities – Transportation – Alternative Energy).
  • Industry Visibility – As a qualified 4C Sub-Consultant your Professional Qualifications and Profile are continuously showcased to every Infrastructure Owner-Operator within the United States and Greater North America.
  • Cost – There is zero cost to you to join the 4C Team – No subscription fee; No placement fee; No other fees; No hidden costs (The time taken to apply to qualify with 4C is not a cost, but an investment in yourself).
  • Obligation – There is Zero obligation to 4C until you successfully negotiate an engagement with a 4C Client through the 4C Platform. At that time, your 4C Sub-Consultant Agreement is activated by which you and the Company agree to use the 4C Online Platform exclusively for invoicing and payment.
  • Exclusivity – None. Though qualified as a 4C Sub-Consultant you are free to engage your services outside the 4C Network or even take employment without any limitation, or obligation to 4C.
  • The Crew – As a 4C Team Member, you will join a large, diverse group of Infrastructure Professionals, Craftsmen and Support Services Companies, spanning the continent, who each possess the skill and experience to efficiently meet the multi-dimensional demands of Infrastructure design, maintenance, reclamation and market expansion, in this new day and time.
  • Flexibility – You, alone, control all aspects of your engagements, including location, duration, and compensation. You, alone, decide which engagements to pursue or to pass.
  • Client Engagement – You will personally negotiate your own rate, expense reimbursement structure and other T’s & C’s with the 4C Client Company.
  • Invoicing – Electronic invoicing by you to 4C twice per month. All Sub-Consultant Invoices are then collated with a nominal fee by 4C and transmitted to the Client for payment. Our fee does not come out of your negotiated compensation, but is paid solely by the 4C Client.
  • 1099 Entity – For mutual insulation, protection and absolute clarity, you are an “Independent Business Enterprise”. (You will receive a single 1099 in the name of your legal entity from 4C for the prior year, no matter the number of Clients engaged with or jobs worked on, as a Sub-Consultant to 4C.)

It’s a new age and time. During this crisis, we’ve seen first-hand that daily commuting to brick and mortar office buildings, traveling to in-person meetings or job sites and clock-punching schedules can be overrated in more ways than ever before envisioned. The work has continued remotely and has been delivered, with more efficiency than previously thought possible.

Our Platform is tailored for this paradigm shift. As evidenced by Airbnb, Uber and others, there is strength in numbers, when it comes to showcasing assets, and making them available and easily useable to the marketplace through an online proposition handling representation, invoicing and payment. You have earned your career stripes serving the cause of Infrastructure. You are your own best “asset” in the world of Infrastructure. It’s your turn now.

Visit us and join us at: www.4C.Solutions