Leveraging Your Impact on Infrastructure

Leveraging Your Impact on Infrastructure

Michael Lee here with 4C Solutions. I want to talk about your career, your accomplishments, what it is you’ve honed over a number of years, if not decades, in terms of your skill sets, your discipline, your craft, and how to best monetize what you’ve earned; what you’ve invested in yourself; and, what you’ve done over the years on behalf of others. Our country is deeply in need of infrastructure expansion, infrastructure reparation and infrastructure reclamation. Those days are still ahead of us. It’s a matter of “when”, not “if”. They’re coming. We all know that. Sooner than later is our bet.

So, how do we best position ourselves to take full advantage of this pent-up need and monetize our own years of investment in infrastructure as we go forward? I want to talk about step’s one, two, and three to that end.

Step one, work for yourself and become your own business enterprise. In other words, incorporate in the form of an LLC or some sort of other legal entity. It’s key. This is a very good avenue to, not only insulate your personal assets from what you do in business, but, also to take full advantage of the tax benefits that go with incorporation.

Step two, “insure” your entity through business insurance, general liability insurance. Now, this can be daunting to people who have not previously done it – to those who have spent their lives working for other companies or other people. But, really when it comes to actually taking the step to incorporate, you can do that in your own state online for generally this side of $500. It’s a fairly simple process. And then when it comes to general liability insurance or insuring what it is you do, most clients, for which you are under an MSA or a stand-alone contract, require insurance. This insurance is reconciled and cost-scaled to the revenue stream your entity actually realizes for the year past. In the big picture, that’s a comparatively incidental investment as well.

The third step, the most important step, is your visibility to the marketplace – visibility to infrastructure clients throughout the geographical US. To make your industry exposure happen to its fullest extent, I recommend getting on our platform, taking a very close look at it – take a deep dive – and uncovering how we can work for you. It’s a commitment of less than an hour and well worth it. 4C Solutions at www.4C.Solutions is a great place to showcase your skill sets, your craft, your discipline, your accomplishments, and the investment of years working in Infrastructure you’ve made to date.

One of the great aspects of our Platform is the latitude to negotiate with Clients your own rate – whether it’s a day rate, whether it’s an hourly rate, whether it’s a monthly retainer fee or some other form – as well as the terms of your own engagement; how long you are willing to be engaged on a gig; and, where that gig is actually offered with respect to where you live geographically. Examples, if you’re in Texas, you may want to limit your commitment to within a fifty, a hundred, a two-hundred-mile, radius of where it is you actually call home. If you’re in Massachusetts, the same holds true. If you’re in Iowa, the same holds true. If you are in Oregon, the same holds true. If you are anywhere else in the USA, the same holds true.

And, as we begin to move into a robust era of infrastructure expansion, reparation, reclamation, all of those geographical areas will have their own needs within energy, with utilities, within transportation, within communications and within all the various entities that own and operate “infrastructure” within the United States.

With that, let me say I wish you well during these very challenging times. I do hope you’ll explore our Platform. I believe it’s a very beneficial component of the Infrastructure need equation, not only for you, but for the Client who requires and will command outside support in the coming days and years. 4C is a proposition really worth delving into and acting upon. Thank you for your time. Make good things happen for yourself and others.