Infrastructure in the GIG economy

4C Solutions in the Gig Economy

GIG Economy – A free market system in which temporary employment positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements. The trend toward a gig economy has begun. A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers will be independent contractors. (From

Back in the day it was the norm to work as an employee for a single company from the beginning of a career until retirement at 65 with a farewell banquet and a gold watch. Good, bad or indifferent, that era of a career with one company has largely disappeared.

For too many reasons to adequately cover here, our society is migrating to a GIG economy at an increasingly rapid pace. While the traditional career model seems rather antiquated, even obsolete, this evolving paradigm has some great benefits to it for all concerned.

Automation is becoming an inevitability in as many industries and sectors as it can be effectively applied. Infrastructure is no exception. Capital investment and expense savings, with increased capability and quality results, will be the primary drivers of selections made for third-party support to projects and asset operations & maintenance.

The aim of 4C is a tailored “Solution”, specifically designed to address the Client’s need for efficiency, execution and expedient market delivery at a lower cost in today’s resource competitive world, while affording maximum flexibility to them and to their third-party professionals.

The Client wants the best for less.

The Contract Professional wants to optimize his or her experience and earning potential.

4C is a clean, clear conduit to realizing the objectives of both. A departure from the contracted Infrastructure support norm, the 4C Platform is an interactive operational instrument for both parties to leverage to that end. This is the backbone of 4C’s value proposition.

4C’s value proposition stems from our senior management’s collective history with “tradition” on both sides of the fence. It is derived from in-depth professional experiences – good and bad – by incorporating executive and operational management perspectives, as learned and earned from decades of support to Infrastructure expansion, reclamation, preservation and asset integrity.

So, if you are an Infrastructure Client, wanting more direct control over your contracted labor costs and related expenses, not to mention an actual say in the selection and retention of the consultants who support the tasks and jobs for which you are charged, 4C is your “Solution”. If you are an entrepreneurial minded professional, a proven leader, a forward thinker and a self-starter, with the drive to skillfully execute and deliver the Client’s objectives, 4C is the place to attach your wagon to for the Infrastructure GIGs best suited to your lifestyle, personal circumstances and desired work engagements.

Please visit today and join us for the journey at www.4C.Solutions.